Current Projects

  1. Creating a Community Infrastructure for Interoperable Emergency Connectivity (Funded by NSF $200,000 [link])
    1. This research proposes to develop a community infrastructure for interoperable emergency connectivity that can operate in austere conditions, provide its own power, and create linkages throughout the community and across jurisdictional boundaries. 
    2. Collaborate with the Office of Emergency Services (OES) from the City of San Jose
  2. Multi-Tenant Network Acceleration Scheme for OpenStack (Funded by Arista Network $40,000)
    1. In order to boost the performance of computing and networking services for data-intensive applications, as well as reduce the overhead of the software virtualization, we propose a new data center network design based on OpenStack. 
    2. We map the OpenStack networking services to the hardware switch, and perform hardware-accelerated L2 switch and L3 routing to reduce the software overhead, as well as achieve the software-like scalability and flexibility.
  3. Federated Location Infrastructure as a Developer Platform
    1. The overarching goal of this project is to develop an intellectual framework and a federated location infrastructure testbed to promote and guide the developers to realize the full-fledged smart applications from the campus life, to address societal challenges in local communities.
  4. Autonomous Assistance System for People with Special Needs (Funded by CoE $30,000 and $40,000)
    1. The objective of this project is to develop an intelligent assistance system that assists people with independent transportation challenges towards their independent and dignified lifestyle (for example, shopping in the stores without assistance). 
    2. The proposed research will resolve the major challenges in urban indoor environments and address fundamental problems that involve spatial awareness, automated obstacle avoidance process, navigation, and intelligence, with an emphasis on the mapping and recognizing of the “physical” components in a fine-grained map.
  5. Software-Defined Edge Cloud for Smart City (Funded by CoE $40,000)
    1. To solve current deficiencies in the ability of allowing developers to control and automate the remote edge devices, we extend existing cloud orchestration frameworks to edge devices that are agnostic to the network media.

Previous Projects

Please visit [link] for details

Cloud and SDN

  1. GatorCloud: SDN-enabled Campus Cloud (Funded by over $2M from NSF)
  2. NSF GemsCloud: A GENI-Federated Cyber-Physical System with Multi-Modalities

Mobile Systems

  1. Guoguo: Enabling Smartphone-based Fine-grained Indoor Localization, Project Leader. [link]
  2. NSF I-Corps: Commercialization Feasibility Research and Implementation for Smartphone Localization via Indoor Positioning Satellites and Opportunistic Sensing, Entrepreneurial Leader.
    1. Granted project, [link]
    2. Representative (No.1) team award for the NSF I-Corps Winter cohort
  3. InAR: Smartphone on Steroids with Indoor Augmented Reality, Project Leader. [link]

Health and Emergency Care 

  1. VitalCloud: Weaving a Pervasive Life Network for Healthcare [link]