SJGateway Hardware

We developed a community gateway node for interoperable IoT connectivity (funded by NSF), codenamed “SJGateway”. Our SJGateway has the following features: 1) Multi-modal communication: Our SJGateway features the latest IoT technologies, including LTE-M, LoRA, Bluetooth 5.0, Zigbee, 6LoWPAN, UWB, sub-1Ghz, and multi-band WiFi. 2) Sensor hub: Unlike traditional FPGAs that are high-cost, high-speed and high-power consumption, the latest Lattice FPGA (ICE5LP4K) is low-power, low-cost, and flexible. What is more, it is equipped with hardcore I2C/SPI interfaces and DSP units. We use this FPGA to glue multiple radio chips, audio components, sensor modules, and extension ports together. This structure can help the designer select chips and connections for different applications, while keeping the rest of the chips in sleep mode. 3) High timing and ranging accuracy: Our design utilizes the Impulse Radio – Ultra-wideband (IR-UWB) chip for the high timing and ranging solutions. 4) Flexible extension modules: Another key advantage is that our FPGA can manage the extension ports and make them connectable with existing multiple open source computing boards. For example, our SJGateway is compatible with major open hardware/software communities including Android Things, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Nvidia Jetson, Xbee, ARM MBED, and TI Launchpad.